Pointy Cam is a self-contained thermal camera and display in a package meant to mount on your hand - so you can point at anything and see its thermal profile, whithout having to change your grasp (on a beer, spatula, etc). The prototype enclosure design pictured here is by Matt Borgatti.

The device is yet another thermal camera in my portfolio - I kind of can’t resist the magic feeling of peering directly through a sensor and seeing through its eyes.

I’m on the fence about producting this device at scale; it would be really fun to see these out in the world, but at present I’m focused on another hardware product I feel is more meaningful. That said, head over to the Pointy.Cam site and add your email to the list if you’re interested in buying one! I’ll be keeping this project as Open Hardware as I can, which means the final device will be hackable and extendable.
Contact me if you feel you’d like to share it.