I make stuff. I like to think as hard as I can about what I would like to see in the world, and then make that happen. This usually requires a fluid correspondence between worlds and teams, and that’s how I like it.

As an artist, I make works that refine human bandwidth, either by expanding it to reach new spectra, or by focusing it in new ways. Often these works are designed to function in other experimental or speculative capacities, augmenting spaces with useful behaviors or holding a weird-mirror to your online personae. This is the space where I will also go by AKA, or AKA MEDIA SYSTEM.

As a professional, I work with small excellent teams, often at the state of the art, to make the right product happen. This role has taken many shapes and titles over the years, from heading up product strategy at Temboo, leading the critical and hardware research efforts at the New York Times R&D Lab, or building a Fab Lab at a NASA facility.

At my happiest, I’m learning something new. It’s important for me to be able to prototype full ideas, which means I can be found at any part of the stack, wherever I’ll make the best impact. I studied video/new media art at Harvard and received my Master’s at the MIT Media Lab. At MIT I worked in the Hyperinstruments group on locative media art, performance robotics, rapid prototyping, interface design, and CNC systems.

If you would like to get in touch, please go here.

I am fully booked through to the end of 2024 for consulting work, but if you are a gallery interested in showing some of my artworks, please get in touch at the page above.